da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is currently the most advanced robotic system. Urology, cardiovascular, gynecology, and general surgery procedures are successfully performed by the help of more than 850 da Vinci Robotic Surgical System across the world. da Vinci Robotic Surgical System allows surgeons to surpass the boundaries of traditional surgical technology and perform closed operations even on the most complicated cases due to its superior attributes such as instruments modeled after the human wrist, intuitive motion control, and high-resolution 3D visualization.

da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

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What are the advantages of robotic surgery systems?
Robotic system used in surgery help both physicians and patients in many important aspects. Surgeon who conducts the surgery with a sensitive robot, feels more comfortable and confident and performs more efficiently because of the safer conditions and minimalized risks. Patients experience less pain, reduced blood loss, lower infection risk, shorter recovery period and return to daily activities with robotic surgery compared to the traditional open surgeries.

How does da 'Vinci S HD' work?
da Vinci S HD is comprised of 3 components connected to each other:

• Ergonomic surgeon console
• Patient unit with 4 interactive arms
• High-definition, 3D visualization

da Vinci surgeon seated by the console can visualize 3D view of the operative site. System measures and filtrates the movement of the hands of the surgeon and then transfers them to the robotic arms. Micro movements of the da Vinci instruments are controlled by the processor of the system. Those processors perform millions of safety control during the operative process in order to attain the utmost precision. The tiny hands of da Vinci provides superior range of motion beyond dexterity of human wrist and allows maneuvers that are impossible for traditional laparoscopic devices. Each arm of da Vinci is capable of 540 degrees motion compared to the 180 degrees motion of human hand.

da Vinci S HD system presents many advantages together to its operator such as 3D visualization, 4th arm, telestration, and optic zoom. Several surgical operations in which da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is successfully used, are:

• Radical prostatectomy
• Partial nephrectomy
• Hysterectomy
• Myomectomy
• Mitral valve repair
• Cardiac bypass
• Gastric bypass


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